The interior architecture for Atlassian’s Sydney headquarters has recently been completed, and it has a decidedly green tinge. So distinct is the ‘jungle-fied’ theme that it has now internally been dubbed as the ‘Atlassian style’.

Sydney-based studio Siren Design were behind the new green theme, which consists of an installation that spreads across four floors of the George Street building. The project – which includes three working floors and one floor designated as a communal hub – took Siren a neat five months to complete.

"The hub floor creates an immediate sense of welcome – a journey through the jungle starting from the lift lobby, flowing into a breakout that is serviced by a commercial kitchen providing daily meals for Atlassians," says Kate Bisson, an associate at Siren Design.

"Key themes involved an emphasis on raw, exposed materials and a strong focus on biophilia, inviting human senses to explore and experience. The tension between clever design and budget resulted in design innovation where the outcome was a sweet spot in human-centric design that provides ultimate flexibility [to workers]."

The design was intended to create a feeling of welcome; an antidote to stereotypically ‘cold’ office spaces. The subtropical theme begins in the lift lobby, and extends to a breakout area. A commercial-style kitchen sits at the centre of this latter, providing both practical and sensory function. The views from this kitchen extend all the way across the harbour city, and the space is effective at maximising daylighting within the building.

The green theme at the Atlassian headquarters is further reinforced by potted and scaled plants, (maintained by Junglefy) throughout the lobby area and breakout space. Reinforced steel mesh cages support the plants, and provide them with a firm structure to grow on while underlining the industrial sub-text of the office design. These plants are watered and maintained via an automatic hydraulic system. Specialised lighting has been installed to replicate daylight within the office space, and to promote plant growth.

Since Atlassian are known to love their 'greens', the finished design revolves around an interior plant-scape that contributes to the life space and overall useability of the office. The brief also aimed to introduce more oxygen into the office space, while retaining a raw, pared-back design.