Chippendale factory office interior

This project is the transformation of a historically-significant inter-war factory in Sydney into a suite of contemporary offices.

The two-storey factory at 75 Myrtle Street, Chippendale was constructed around 1925 for J.C. Goodwin & Co, glass importers, bevellers and silverers.

The building has now been transformed into three offices built around a central courtyard. This courtyard is sunlit and naturally ventilated, with a succulent garden that complements the surrounding pixelated paving.

Chippendale factory office art

Changes to the building’s exterior have been minimised wherever possible, as per the client’s brief.

With the exception of the steel staircase, which was painted in high-gloss, reflective black paint, all materials in this project were left in their natural form – creating a raw and subdued pallet.

Chippendale factory office glass bricks

Glass bricks have been incorporated in the design, projecting a black-lit tone while capturing and reflecting the subtle changes in natural light throughout the day.

The minimal, natural interiors create a good backdrop for the client’s art collection, which injects vibrant colour and excitement into the space.

Chippendale factory office garden

According to the architect, the key architectural principle in this project is the introduction of an elegant and contemporary architecture in refined and sophisticated materials, as a new ‘layer’ to the original rustic structure. This simultaneous presentation of two generations of building leads to a visually rich composition, or a ‘third architecture’.