The General Electric Headquarters building (GE HQ) is a purpose-built space for GE's first ever State Headquarters.

Located in Greater Springfield, the 14,000sqm office building has been designed utilising environmental sustainable principles and will be the first 5 Star Green Star commercial building in the precinct.

Adjacent to the 24 hectare Robelle Domain, the GE HQs bold L-shape design integrates fully with the community space, and features a large internal atrium that transitions into a green courtyard with links to parkland.

Accreditation under the new Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Communities initiative is the aim of the precinct and GE HQ has laid strong foundations, with Green star submissions for all 10 of the available innovation points.


  • Parklands-focused layout connects the building to the environment in a way that supports good health and well-being
  • Roofed courtyard orientated to create a micro climate that’s benefits from winter sun and summer shade
  • Large louvered 'wing' roof provides passive solar design
  • Vertical and horizontal sun shading incorporated in the curtain wall system
  • Cut and fill strategy, designed around the virtues of the existing site, minimised haulage and labour, as well as reducing noise pollution during earthworks