Frome the architect:

Fresh Hope Office, designed by Breathe Architecture, embodies a commitment to sustainability and biophilic design.

This interior fit-out of an existing office building reflects the client’s values as a charitable organisation caring for underprivileged children and the elderly.

The design focuses on minimising environmental impact while creating an inspiring workspace. Much of the existing building fabric and services were retained and exposed to reduce waste. Ceilings were added only where acoustic treatment was essential. Sustainable materials such as recycled cardboard tubes, natural cork, recycled plastic, and low VOC finishes were carefully selected, creating a tactile and biophilic experience for staff and visitors.

The project follows a “forest and clearing” concept, offering a refreshing forest-like reception area and clearings with natural light for meetings and collaboration. The office aims to connect people with each other and nature, fostering wellbeing and clarity in a post-COVID world.

Fresh Hope Office is a testament to design that not only serves the client’s needs but also embraces sustainability and environmental responsibility, reinforcing the values of the organisation.