civilex office fitout brick concrete green wall timber

This project is the design of a workplace to reflect the cultural transformation of civil construction company Civilex.

With Civilex reaching its 10th anniversary, this project needed to reflect a turning point for the business, which had begun with two founders and grown over the years into a series of disjointed departments, teams and sub-companies.

civilex office fitout personal offices

The biggest challenge was to bring together all members of the organisation into one shared space where all their business processes would be accommodated, building a unified cultural workplace. The challenge was addressed by understanding the company’s corporate values and business workflows.

Aesthetic industrial elements have been woven into the design to resonate with the company’s engineering and civil design background, as well as to reference the threads of the company’s family-orientated culture, wellbeing and a sense of belonging.

civilex office fitout workspace

The architects created a central breakout hub where food is shared, informal meetings are held and organic interactions occur. Different zones were also created to facilitate meetings, project collaboration or deep work.

In terms of materials, the architects chose locally sourced materials that complement the fitout, as this not only benefits Australian businesses, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the goods being delivered to the site.

civilex office fitout outside

A key design feature, floor-to-ceiling tilt doors were added to the open office area to create and indoor-outdoor work environment. On sunny days, the large doors open up completely, allowing employees at their desks to enjoy the feeling of being outside.