Bates Smart’s latest development, 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta, is now complete. The design of the 12-storey commercial building has been awarded the ‘6 Star – Green Star – Office As Built v3’ rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) for its leadership in environmentally sustainable building practices.

bates smart sustainable office design

Located in the Parramatta CBD, the building will serve as the new headquarters for a government agency. Built over an existing carpark, the building reestablishes a retail streetscape along Phillip St, enhancing the Parramatta CBD with retail and commercial functions which form an integral part of the public domain.

The façade design has been developed to respond to the building orientation, reinforce the podium design through contrasting materials and architectural language, and relate to the Phillip Street context. The building massing is separated into a fully glazed office tower at high level and a more solid podium at ground level which anchors the building and provides a human scale to the streetscape.

On the tower, vertical fins project from the façade to provide shading to the north while vertical spandrels reduce thermal heat loading on the east and west façades. At the podium, the articulation of the colonnade reflects the scale of the adjacent buildings to the east, and the masonry material suitably complements the buildings adjacent. The colonnade provides shelter at the building entry and creates a sense of grounding for the base of the building.

“Although a simple and understated design, 105 Phillip Street has achieved and exceeded many performance benchmarks for an office development. From the outset, the design to practical completion was achieved in 24 months,” says Bates Smart studio director, Basil Richardson.

bates smart sustainable office design

“Through its design, we have considered various innovation to improve the building’s overall efficiency, address water and energy conservation while encouraging its end-users to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“To achieve a 6-Star Green Star certification is an amazing achievement and we congratulate the team behind 105 Phillip Street,” adds Romilly Madew, GBCA chief executive.

“A Green Star rating is much more than a certificate or a logo – it showcases leadership in sustainability, creates brand value, encourages innovation, creates new revenue streams, secures stakeholder confidence and mitigates risk.”


  • 6 Star Green Star Office v3 As Built Rating
  • 6 Star Green Star Office v3 Design Rating
  • 5 Star National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy Base Building Rating
  • 4 Star NABERS Water Rating


bates smart sustainable office design


  • Office areas are provided with LED lighting to minimise energy consumption
  • High frequency, high power factor electronic drivers to be provided to all luminaires
  • Lighting controls with motion sensors are used to switch off or dim unused lighting
  • Ongoing Building Tuning to ensure correct operation


  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and pressure control
  • High efficiency gas hot water heaters
  • Energy efficient plant selections (i.e. chiller, pumps, fans, etc.)


  • High efficiency gas-heated Domestic Hot Water Plant
  • Water efficient fittings and fixtures: Taps - 2L/min, WC - 3L half/4.5L full flush, urinal - waterless, shower - 5L/min
  • Rainwater harvesting system with 10kL rainwater tank on level 12 for ground level irrigation and cooling towers


  • Sub-metering of major electrical loads
  • Sub-metering of lighting and power for each floor
  • Fault reporting system for major plant and equipment
  • Building management control system