Glascott Landscape & Civil have created a freshwater wetland system in Wangal Park that treats and harvests stormwater for reuse by irrigation, and provides a habitat for native fauna and an aesthetically pleasing focal point for the parklands.

The wetland is filled via harvested stormwater from the Cheltenham Road stormwater drainage line that goes through a natural filtration process. The sustainable water management approach reduces stormwater pollutants that previously ran into Canada Bay and harvests stormwater for irrigation thereby reducing mains water usage.

The scheme contributes to catchment-wide water management goals including a reduction in catchment pollutant loads to Canada Bay and a reduction in runoff volumes.

Wangal Park has been designed to provide a native environment, with all plants chosen from locally found species, and with special features to encourage native fauna including frogs, lizards and birds.

The vehicle bridge, boardwalk and observation deck have been designed to provide interaction opportunities with the wetlands. The observation deck signage provides information on the park's ecology and Aboriginal history.


  • Design and construction a vehicle bridge and various boardwalks that support wetlands development and surrounding aesthetics
  • Design and construction an observation deck that fits aesthetically, provides the best view, plus include signage to educates on the park's ecology and Aboriginal history
  • Planting of 10,000 native trees, shrubs, ground covers and creation of habitat for local fauna and birds