The landscape development with the SBRC project has been carefully crafted to express the landscape and sustainability philosophies of the University of Wollongong and the Innovation Campus.

The landscape responds to the building, its environmental context and the users of the building and broader campus. The materiality of the landscape flows into the building to provide a cohesive and sustainable landscape that benefits the Innovation Campus and the local community.

Key initiatives:

  • Use of endemic plantings and edible native plants
  • All plant types are low water usage and designed for this specific environment
  • Edible native plants extensively used
  • Integration of landscape with civil engineer
  • Educational opportunity for the adjoining Science Centre
  • Recycled tallowwood, bricks, glass sand, DGB20 (Densley Graded Basecourse) and concrete used throughout
  • Development of a natural drainage system
  • Integration of landscape and engineering principles

^The stormwater drainage system is integrated into the landscape negating the use of a traditional stormwater pit and pipe solution. Stormwater is cleansed through a series of reed beds before moving into the stormwater system under the Squires Way road frontage.

^Landscape beds constructed from recycled brick to enable testing of new planting mixes, mulch and varieties of edible plants. The range of planting and materials will be changed and tested as new sustainable systems become available.

Images: Olivia Gho.