Flowstate Walkway

Brisbane's Flowstate is an urban renewal project that blends landscape and architecture, theatre and public space.

The project has transformed an ageing café precinct into an open-air pavilion and creative space. The new space includes three distinct experiences; a grassy relaxation zone, an immersive digital installation and a vibrant performance pavilion.

Flowstate The Arbour


The project was intended as a way to innovate public space and start a conversation around what cities can and should be.


Challenges included the project’s small budget (especially considering the site’s size) and the need to complete the works in time for the scheduled public opening. Previous use of the site also made it difficult to adapt, requiring a lot of work to completely rethink the site’s planning and circulation.

Design response

Flowstate Light Installation

The site’s existing levels were thoughtfully developed to create a series of spaces for people to sit, stand and assemble, while allowing performers to command attention and take advantage of sight lines.

Public space and existing structures were either retained or altered for a new use with minimal demolition and additional material, making the project inherently sustainable.

Flowstate The Green Room

Key products/suppliers

  • The walkway was constructed from a GratEX 38mm I-Series Standard Micro Mesh, supplied by Treadwell Industrial Ochre Yellow, anti-slip surface.
  • The Beacon mesh is Aluminium ‘SUN20’ 2.0mm thick, 120x34mm openings, supplied by Locker Group. This product was selected for its structural capacity to span 600mm between supports, curve in one direction, and also act as micro louvres for shading to the pavilion.