From the architect:

Situated in one of Canberra’s newest suburbs within the Molonglo Valley, the Denman Prospect Community Park and Pavilion delivered a level of design rare for a public site being handed back to the government.

landscape architecture

The park sits at the highest point of the suburb and at the terminus of the main road. The high visibility of the site, along with the views it offers, formed the overarching design strategy which seeks to provide a comfortable place to sit without compromising ease of access for pedestrians.

Working collaboratively with Cia Landscape and Colour, the pavilion is sited slightly off centre, just before the site falls relatively steeply towards the east.

landscape architecture

Orientated with its back to the prevailing winds, the ‘glove-like’ form creates a shelter from which residents can pause and look out towards the bright red Philip Spelman sculpture in the foreground and the landscape beyond.

The structure, a pseudo scaffold, is organised around a deciduous tree. Stainless steel wire woven between the pre-cast pillars creates a surface for climbers to grow and eventually overwhelm the form. The lightness of the fritted glass canopy on top provides further protection from the elements without detracting from the rhythm of the pillars and the silhouette it creates.


Main contractor: Cockram Constructions 
Landscaping (soft and hard landscape): Landform Gardens 
Precast Concrete: Bianco Precast 
Steel /Timber and Glazing Works: Canweld Contracting 
Electrical: Martin Donnelly