void house existing structure

Void house is the transformation of a tired old family home on a small budget and with minimal changes to the existing structure. 

void house rear yard

One key change to the existing house was the removal of the second-storey bedroom to make room for a double height dining space below. This created a dramatic new focal point for the house while opening the living areas to the sky and the trees of the surrounding yard. 

New windows and other metal elements were inserted into the existing fabric of the rear addition to liven up the space. Overall, as much of the existing structure was retained as possible. 

Key design solutions

void house dining void

  • Refurbishment throughout with custom joinery 
  • Remove second-storey bedroom to create space for void above dining area
  • Tiny new side addition for laundry to decrease pressure on the kitchen and create more storage space
  • New roof to existing rear extension to improve upper level spaces and elevate the look of the extension from the yard
  • New insulation throughout for improved energy efficiency

Sustainability features

void house rear study

New low-e and doubled-glazed glass panels replaced existing windows and where possible, new insulation was added to roofs and walls to create a more energy-efficient building fabric.