Sometimes a residential project’s name can be abstract, requiring a bit of thought. Others are a just little more obvious.

Take Two Rock House in South Australia, for example. The Wolf Architects-designed house sits between two rocky formations on a hilltop site. The dwelling is also home to two ‘rock stars’. As the architects describe, “[Two Rock] is a space created around music, for music and all things artistic”.


Taking into consideration the fact that one of the clients is a drummer, a number of features throughout the home reflect a receptivity to and facilitation of the instrument. For instance, the sculptural fireplace that dominates the upper floor retreat, which has been crafted from the brass of melted-down Zildjian cymbals.


Three circular windows punctuate the front and back façades of the home, and are symbolic of the three main cymbals on a drum kit. “The client [also] liked the idea that each one represented a member of the family: husband, wife and child,” says Wolf Architects. 


Similarly, the architects describe the positioning of the upstairs bedrooms as “loosely reflecting the planning of a drum kit”.

Downstairs, the lower level functions as one large entertainment space, with one bedroom set aside for guests. To ensure the upper and lower storeys were soundproofed against cross-level noise, insulated concrete slabs and a series of internal sound proofing screens were implemented.

A double-storey music studio sits towards the rear of the property, accommodating the musical needs of the clients. This space overlooks the surrounding hills, taking in the external views. 

Other amenities in the project include a six-car basement garage, a home theatre and ample storage. A 25-metre lap pool extends out to an infinity edge – another area where the expansive views can be enjoyed.


As the house is fully automated, Two Rock’s owners are able to remotely operate and survey the property from any location.