This two storey extension to an existing heritage cottage provides workspace, health / leisure facilities and accommodation for a couple with strong ‘green’ convictions.  The result is a contemporary home, open and light, with a sense of luxurious spaciousness for an inner city home.

Sustainable design integral to the house design forms the basis for features such as sky window & sawtooth roof.

Interconnecting courtyards, roof garden & balcony provide the essential connections to the natural environment.

Embracing sustainable design practices from concept to completion in a visually interesting prominent house demonstrates the benefits of contemporary sustainable innovative design.

Key initiatives:

  • Exports electricity 7.2kw photovoltaic array – enough electricity is exported to run 9 households
  • Led energy efficient lighting
  • Phase change material thermal mass stabilising indoor air temperatures
  • Air tight breathable building membrane - manages unwanted air infiltration
  • Evacuated tube solar hot water
  • Provision of a 20,000L in-ground rainwater tank
  • Filtered rain water connect for showers, washing machine & toilet flush Low-emission, highly durable, insulating aerated autoclaved concrete (CSR hebel) wall cladding
  • High performance double glazed low-e glass units to external windows and doors
  • Envirocrete - recycled  low carbon footprint concrete
  • Plantation timbers

Images: Bridget Puszka, BP Architects