IMBY kit Manyana NSW
This beachside IMBY Kit is located in Manyana on the NSW South Coast. It was an earlier prototype that led to IMBY 2.0. 

The simplicity and elegance of ancient woodworking techniques meets the efficiency and sustainability of modular design in this backyard building kit.

According to Adriano Pupilli Architects, IMBY (In My Back Yard) is a low-cost space solution that can be easily configured and reconfigured in response to changing lifestyles and needs.

IMBY kit Manyana NSW front
IMBY Kit Manyana, front view. 

The structural frame is modular, extendable as needed, and made up of interlocking mortice and tenon joints. These joints are an integral part of the assembly process, which is meant to be simple so people can easily build their structure in a range of locations.

IMBY Kit Neutral Bay
An IMBY Kit in Neutral Bay, Sydney, designed for a young family on a small urban site. 

The primary material is FSC Certified plantation pine plywood, layered up to form a series of portal frames that support the roof, wall and floor claddings and linings.

IMBY kit Katoomba
An IMBY Kit in Katoomba, used as a home extension. 

The prototype exhibits the fundamental principles of architectural design, such as maximising natural light, cross-ventilation, vistas and sightlines, while also carefully balancing scale, form, volume and height into a building kit that responds to development controls to streamline the approvals process.

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