Unassuming from the street, the Sun-Blessed house, opens up on the inside with height and flooding light, deep into the home.

By focusing on proven cost effective passive design strategies, rather than environmental bling, this is a deceptively simple, nurturing machine for living lightly.

The proof is in the pudding, as shown by the extremely low energy and water use requirements contributing to a carbon positive outcome.

Healthy and sustainable material selection, light and warmth, and connection to the outside, makes this a nurturing environment for the young family to live and grow, without breaking the bank.


  • 8.5 star rating (Carbon Positive in Operation with modest 2Kwatt Photovoltaic System)
  • 70% predicted reductions in mains water use (Borne out in 1st year operation)
  • Passive Solar Design with north light to all rooms
  • Comprehensive Environmental Material Specification throughout
  • Cost effective $2225/m2 price, makes this an affordable model of living lightly
  • Greenswitches in living areas to turn off standby loads when leaving the room
  • LED lighting
  • No downlights to compromise insulation
  • Energy efficient appliance selection
  • High efficiency reverse cycle heating & cooling (COP & EER 4+)
  • Two kilowatt photovoltaic grid interactive panel system
  • Thermosiphon solar hot water
  • Currenlty using ~1/3 mains water compared to the average Melbourne House; a saving of around 130,000 litres per year.
  • 100% roof area collection of rainwater
  • 9000L Rainwater tank to run laundry, flush toilets, and water garden.
  • Redwater thermal transfer valves to direct 'cold' hot water usually wasted down the drain, to the watertank
  • Water efficient tapware, showers and toilets