waterloo rebuild studio

Located in the historic and ever-changing Sydney suburb of Waterloo, this 1880 terrace house has been reconstructed to suit the needs of a modern family.

With much of Waterloo undergoing urban renewal, this house is one of many renovations and rebuilds in the area.

waterloo terrace rebuild front

As many materials were salvaged as possible, reinterpreted and used in unconventional ways in the new build.

Raw materials such as timber and stone give the building an organic aesthetic. These materials have been juxtaposed with industrial elements such as mild steel and off-form concrete.

waterloo terrace rebuild interior

The off-form concrete purposely shows surface imperfections, while the exterior steel was left uncoated to celebrate its natural corrosion.

Along with the main house, a rear lane studio was constructed. The studio includes a ground floor garage/workspace with steel-clad garage doors, copper cladding with operable panels below and louvred glazing above. This creates flexibility whereby the louvres can bring in natural light, yet the solid panels create privacy.

The house overall is a flexible space that can suit all the varying needs of a modern family. The connection between the studio and the house can even be shared or separated via solid steel screens if desired.

waterloo rebuild natural light

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