Treetop House boasts a green turf roof, which has been compared to an infinity pool in front of an ocean horizon.

This feature is one of several that aims to embrace the treetop views of the Melbourne family home, designed by Ben Callery Architects. Although not actually trafficable, the architects say that “the sight of the turf creates a feeling of possibility and wonder that stirs the senses”.


Another feature is a cantilevered roof deck that draws the occupant out into the treetops, protected by a high glass balustrade.


Inside, the height of the kitchen’s raised ceiling frames the treetop views while letting natural light pour in. The clerestory window provides intriguing glimpses to activity on the rooftop deck. 


In contrast, lower ceilings in the adjacent spaces provide a sense of safety and ‘coziness’. Meanwhile these spaces are also the zones where family members can pursue their own interests separately while remaining connected with each other.

The underlying principles of sustainable design are not forgotten, however. The courtyard layout brings winter sun into the living rooms over a tall two-storey neighbouring roof, while the raised ceiling over the kitchen catches more northern sun and southerly breezes.

Openable windows and electric external blinds allow the family to respond to the moving sun and shifting breezes, creating natural comfort within the house. Treetop House also incorporates solar power, underground water tanks and thermally efficient materials.