Initiated by a previous home design some 25 years prior, the relationship with this client is one of great respect and ongoing friendship which saw the brief not so much prescribed but more intrinsically understood.

A special project for the VDG studio, Hyland House has been a delightful exercise in the balancing of traditional and modern design, and we are excited to share it with you. 

Concerned first with working function and occupant protection, it’s said that the traditional Farm House takes on the imprint of the people who live there.

Built on 100 Acres of agricultural land, east of Melbourne, Victoria, Hyland House by Vibe Design Group is an elegant interpretation for a family steeped in racing history to embrace and absolutely enjoy.

The steel bell-cast roof houses a deep-set verandah, sustained across the impressive length of the Northern entry elevation, a vision for a house with proportions befitting a property of such scale.

Its horizontal presence is anchored and settled on the landscape, such that a second balancing gable reveals modestly behind the soaring established oak tree.