House in Silhouette is a contemporary home with country roots. In an area dominated by faux-heritage homes, it shows how architecture can provide a sense of place to the street.

The site in question is a large block on the fringe of suburban Melbourne; neither rural nor suburban. To respect this context, the architect designed a home that was contemporary yet with strong references to a country farmhouse.

The brief

The brief was to design a large, flexible family home on a 1.6 acre sloping site. The home needed to be able to operate in two distinct ways: as a luxurious yet functional home for a couple approaching retirement, as well as a place that could accommodate the extended multi-generational family who often come to stay during the holidays.


Design response

Referencing the country farmhouse, this home features accentuated gable forms and a durable material palette of corrugated steel and white painted brickwork.

For the sake of flexibility, the interior has been designed with spaces that can easily be closed off when not in use or opened up when the need arises. For example, a gabled wing containing three bedrooms and a bathroom can be closed off using sliding doors when not needed.


The home was also designed to appreciate its location, with a focus on garden spaces, courtyards and the picturesque eastern views.