From the architect:

Farrier Lane House, designed by MDC Architects, stands as a remarkable testament to sustainable living in White Gum Valley, Western Australia.

Architect Matt Delroy-Carr embarked on this project to explore sustainable design solutions accessible to young couples and families.

This environmentally advanced home achieved true net zero status in construction. Carefully chosen materials, such as carbon-neutral bricks, sustainable timber cladding, and cork flooring, minimise its environmental impact.

The design maximises the northern orientation, using passive solar principles to harness the sun’s warmth during winter while staying cool in summer. Open spaces, generous gardens, and connections to surrounding mature trees create an eco-conscious living environment.

This home exceeds State planning requirements, offering 70 percent open space, most of which is dedicated to gardens. It achieves a 7.3 NatHERS rating and remarkable eTool Gold rating, showcasing significant energy savings.

With minimal applied finishes and a strong focus on sustainable materials, this home is a statement of sustainable living for young families, inspiring change in the housing market towards more accessible and eco-conscious homes.