Exoskeleton House renovation exterior

Exoskeleton House is the renovation of a 1950s brick bungalow as a space for relaxation and retreat.

A key part of the renovation is the home’s new steel exoskeleton, which encloses a light-filled living pavilion with stunning nature views. The architects decided that the home’s existing brick structure was suited to house the more enclosed, private spaces, while living areas should be relocated to the new north-facing pavilion that connects to the garden.

Exoskeleton House steel

The home has a robust structure, with steel enclosing timber to create a tough exterior and a warm interior. It also has an expansive roof, lifted to address the site’s escarpment, which is supported by exoskeletal steel members.

In the middle of these layers of timber and steel sits the verandah, which acts as the ‘in-between’ space that allows cool northeasterly breezes to flow through the house.

Exoskeleton House verandah

On the other hand, winters are cosy, with sun-drenched concrete floors and the home’s fireplace offsetting the cold weather.

Exoskeleton House interior

Key products/suppliers

  • Concrete – Floor + Kitchen Benchtops – Waxed
  • Australian Hardwood (Yellow Stringy-bark) Internal structure – Oil Finish
  • Recycled Australian Hardwood – Windows + Doors – Oil Finish
  • Cold Rolled Steel C sections - Structural frame – Galvanised finish
  • Arcpanel SIP – Roofing – Galvanised Finish
  • Easylap Fibre Cement – External Cladding – Clear Sealed