Photography by Ben Guthrie

This project is a spectacular house made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and stone for James Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick + Partners.

Photography by Ben Guthrie

The house combines sensitivity of site and awareness of materials with an attention to detail that reflects the passions of Fitzpatrick, the architect and owner.

According to Fitpatrick, the house utilises the latest technologies in engineered timber construction and has been designed to emanate warmth and comfort.

Photography by Ben Guthrie

“Every bracket and screw is used to inform the overall aesthetic of the home, with materials selected to develop a patina of use and character with time,” says Fitzpatrick.

“The normal is sculpted to become the beautiful … [and] its experimentation in construction and engineering has supported the architectural vision.

“It is a forever home … home to a young family. It will adapt and change as they do.”

Image credit: Fitzpatrick + Partners

Constructed primarily from structural cross-laminated timber panels, glulam columns and finished with lining boards, The Seed House wraps the occupants in timber. Adding to this, the joinery and furniture are all made from timbers sourced from the bottom of the hydro lakes of Tasmania.

Species used include celery top pine, huon pine, radiata pine and blackwood.  Together they form a backdrop to the owner’s collection of Wegner and Aalto furniture pieces, Danish ceramics and modern art.

Photography by John Gollings

The home has a simple stacked pod design which disguises the complex geometries, large spans and cantilevers that required hundreds of hours of computer analysis to create the optimum structural and aesthetic solution, says Fitzpatrick. This process led to the development of new detailing and fixing systems to address the unique Australian environmental and construction industry requirements.

The house has been crowned the overall winner of the 2019 Australian Timber Design Awards.