From the architect:

The Coogee House is located on a steeply sloping corner block with panoramic views to the Pacific Ocean in Sydney, Australia. The site is exposed to strong ocean winds, salt spray and harsh sunlight. The dwelling was required to maximise views from the site whilst also providing privacy from the street and neighbours, with shaded internal and external living areas.


The dwelling was conceived as a solid masonry shell sheathed in a lightweight protective veil. A tent-like roof structure and operable battened screen walls provide shade and privacy to the living spaces. The singular, vertical expression of the veil marks the dwelling as a refined abstract object in the suburban landscape, muted with dark recessive colours. External living rooms, decks, verandas and stairways occupy the interstitial space between the internal masonry structure and the lightweight skin.


The form of the building has been carefully modulated to respond to the site's topography and maintain the views for neighbouring properties by cutting the roof down and splaying the walls. The building follows the slope of the site, appearing to fold down the site towards the water.



Entry to the house is along an elevated bridge over the north-facing landscaped courtyard. The upper level contains the living rooms, dining room and kitchen where access to sunlight, views and cooling summer breezes are maximised. The lower levels contain the bedrooms, bathrooms and family room, which opens on to the rear garden.