contemporary brick home heritage factory

This unique project is a contemporary home that has been designed to look like a heritage factory.

Designed by State of Kin, it was allegedly the most well-received home in Open House Perth history, having achieved record sign ups prior to the event in November.

A combination of new and old design techniques and materials were used to embrace history in a new build.

“The holistic vision for this home was to create the illusion of a renovated, heritage factory turned house,” says State of Kin associate Ara Salomone, who lives in the home with husband and State of Kin construction manager, Donny Salomone.

“This belies the reality that it is actually a brand new construction on a small, inner-city block.

“The red bricks have been salvaged and repurposed, while an expanded steel mesh bridge and suspended reading hammock net have been specially constructed to allow light and movement to flow between levels and spaces.”

Natural light permeates the home in a number of ways. For example, glass flooring was used at the entry to illuminate the underground cellar below. Light also filters in through two prominent circular windows suspended in the first floor of both the rear and front fa├žades.

contemporary brick home heritage factory

“These circle windows also beautifully frame city views to the south, as do large windows in two bedrooms, a rear-facing balcony and the rooftop deck level,” says Salomone.

In another unique touch, the concrete walls were custom-fabricated and sealed complete with the builder’s notes, “to preserve the activity and atmosphere of the build process for posterity”.

contemporary brick home heritage factory

According to Salomone, the journey of the design and build process was as valuable as experiencing the end result, and the personalities of everyone involved can be seen throughout the minutia of the structure.