Mornington Peninsula house indoor outdoor views

This project is a new home on a steep site overlooking Mornington Peninsula, designed to maximise views and have the capacity to host extended family without feeling overly large.

Mornington Peninsula house views

To achieve this, the architects decided on a connected plan, rather than a single open plan. The result is a series of distinct, flexible indoor and outdoor living spaces that are still visually connected when closed, but can be opened and connected when needed.

Mornington Peninsula house light

From the street, the house presents a humble single storey volume clad in dark, standing seam metal. Inside, living spaces are organised around a service core that houses the kitchen, storage, laundry and guest bathroom. Elsewhere in the home, a controlled entryway leads into a larger, timber-lined double height circulation space which cuts through the house and acts as a connecting space between levels, bridging interior and exterior spaces, connecting terraced split levels and opening to views of the peninsula and bay beyond.

Mornington Peninsula house exterior

Key products/suppliers

  • Cladding: Silvertop Ash
  • Colorbond standing seam cladding and roofing
  • Timber floors: Blackbutt
  • Tiles: Mutina and Anchor Ceramics (custom splashback tiles)