coastal home

From the architect:

Nestled into a tranquil coastal landscape, the elegant existing three-bedroom house required rejuvenation, updated amenity and an extension to meet the needs of its new owners, while retaining the spirit of the house they fell in love with. 

The renovation of the house, originally designed by Architect Hugh Tuffley, called for a sensitive touch, as it was important to create a design response that resulted in a unified built form. To achieve this the original colour and material palette was used and built upon, while form and details, taking their cues from the existing building, were given a contemporary twist. 

Despite its incredible setting, the existing building did not take full advantage of its lush surrounds. Therefore the new areas were designed to connect with the landscape, most notably the glazed walkway which bridges across the garden, connecting old and new. 

coastal home

Additional windows and skylights were introduced into the existing building and in the master bedroom, which provided views into the new courtyard garden created between the old and new buildings. The existing roof deck, which provided glimpses of the ocean, was originally only accessible from the master bedroom area. A new external staircase was designed to connect it to the sun-drenched northern courtyard at ground level.

Zoning prevented any built form above a single storey, so the sloping site was utilised to create separation between the different areas of the house via a series of staircases. To accommodate their children, grandchildren and friends who regularly come to stay, the owners required additional bedrooms, bathrooms and play areas. These areas were to be separate from the main house to provide privacy, with the ability to shut off the guest areas when only the owners were in residence.

The brief also called for updated amenities within the existing building. A new entry was needed, as first-time visitors were often confused about where to go. This was achieved through a combination of a new canopy, fin walls, lighting and landscaping. 

Internally a complete overhaul of the kitchen, living, laundry, master ensuite and master bedroom areas were required. The existing natural tones of the building were retained in all of these areas, with modern detailing updating the aesthetic. 

coastal home

While the new sections of the house were made with sustainable timbers, double-glazed windows and ample insulation, sustainability issues within the existing house needed to be addressed. Low-e coatings were applied to existing glazing, the solar hot water service was upgraded, existing halogen lighting was replaced with energy efficient lighting and a freshwater bore was drilled for garden watering. 

coastal home

Landscaping was an integral part of the design as it was vital that the strong lines of the building soften into the landscape. In consultation with Fiona Brockhoff and her team, meandering paths were built through native gardens, allowing the internal spaces to interact with the outside.