This rural Victorian home, inspired by the steel framed haysheds that dot the landscape, evokes notions of the frontier; of survival in a never-ending battle with nature.


The site is formerly a working sheep farm, with 25 hectares of cleared and underworked paddocks. It slopes to the north and south, providing expansive views from its high point. In this part of Australia, the southerly winds are cold and fierce, a fact which fundamentally dictated the design of the home.


The north-facing living pavilion and adjacent courtyard are protected by re-shaped landscape immediately to the south, as well as a 30m x 30m operable louvred parasol that hovers over two spaces. The parasol offers both shelter and deflection from the prevailing wind while also giving varying degrees of shade and direct sunlight throughout the day/year.

Most importantly however, the parasol acts as a placemaker, localising and defining a precinct on a large site where the essential requirements for habitation can occur.

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