Joker & Thief design

This project is a new bar and restaurant space in the former Hog’s Breath eatery along the esplanade at the Terrigal oceanfront.


The design concept was left to the architects, although the brief specified a unique hospitality design that had not been seen on the Central Coast.

However, there were challenges that needed to be addressed in the design. For example, the bar is situated on the first floor. While this provides uninterrupted beach views, it also makes it difficult to capture the attention of passersby. The new layout also needed to be centred around an existing kitchen and lift shaft.

Design response

Joker & Thief walls

In order to create a visually interesting entrance, the architects decided to create a monochromatic tunnel lit by LED lights, which leads patrons to the maitre d’ and welcome station.

Meanwhile, the existing kitchen and lift shaft restraints, set the direction during spatial planning and were utilised by creating separate dining and bar zones.

Joker & Thief bar

According to the architects, the bar is the ‘hero’ of the fit-out, creating a focal point for the space, highlighting the themes, styles and colours that have been incorporated into the project. The subtle curves, symmetry and timber cladding mixed with brass mirrors helps play on the mid-century styling while creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Joker & Thief coastal views

The strength of the newly designed space is in its ability to transform from a bright and airy daytime restaurant to a sundowner bar as the day progresses and the natural light changes.

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