site-sensitive resort Byron Bay

Elements of Byron is a resort that has been designed to be ‘distinctly Byron Bay’ and Australian in character. The design is sensitive and respectful of its site, which includes rare littoral rainforest, ponds, diverse wildlife, native landscape, ocean and wetlands. 

The central facilities and accommodation refer to both the traditional fibro beach shack and local naturally occurring forms and colour of the sand dunes.

Leisure and conference facilities are housed under three separate pavilions, arranged to embrace the north eastern aspect and views to the dunal landscape. The organic form and loose planning of these central facilities is informed by studies of place making in indigenous South Pacific villages and the windswept shape of the sand dunes. A large lagoon style pool, at the heart of this area weaves through the buildings and landscape, providing discreet places for sun lounges, a fire pit and water play.

The resort is intended to be an exemplar of sustainable design, with a minimal physical and ecological footprint, the re-establishment of the original dunal and wallum landscape and lightweight construction based on the best passive solar design principles. Ninety-four keys of accommodation are provided within 75 small villas, spread throughout the site, each sited to preserve existing vegetation and with regard for the north-east aspect, views and privacy. 

The timber framed and fibre cement sheeted villas are raised above the natural ground, allowing natural overland flows to be maintained, and are designed to provide shelter, retreat and a quiet place to contemplate the sublime natural environment. The landscape design saw the introduction of over 65,000 new native trees and plants.

The overall character and design has sought to consciously create a sense of community and a place of luxurious escape where there is a heightened appreciation of the natural world.