Shinbashi is a Japanese restaurant on Lygon Street in Carlton. It is a fusion of Japanese tradition translated into modern times focussing on the celebration of food.

The brief was to create a modern influenced Japanese restaurant. Aspects and details from traditional Japanese architecture were used throughout.
A white illuminated bar with a timber slatted ceiling is the focal point of the space. A solid glass brick wall acts a divider between spaces.

Raised seating platforms clad in a dark timber and with illuminated shadowlines
are hovering and inviting customers to a very special dining experience.

Here, the food is a celebration, the cooking of the high quality meats and vegetables is part of the experience.
Brushed brass bars, a modern interpretation of traditional bamboo, are used to screen
and define separate spaces.

Low hanging pendant lights create the dining atmosphere shifting the focus to the food
on offer but also allowing the illuminated bar to stand out and ground the space.

The design plays with architectural styles, i.e. traditional Japanese architecture adapted
into the Australian setting.

It’s an innovative design while remaining respectful to the heritage. The illuminated bar is the innovative aspect of the design.

It symbolises the main hub of the space without being overpowering.