The Rippon Lea roof reinstatement project provided an opportunity to implement measures that increase the environmental and economic sustainability of the mansion, while restoring its visual appearance and reactivating its stormwater system.

The non-original roof tiling was removed and replaced with new ones that would match the original building. The existing fabric was retained and reused, including roof framing, fascias, soffit linings and cast iron cresting.

Demolished materials such as copper roofing, lead roofing sheets and large timber members were recycled or salved for reuse in repairing the roof structure.

The main sustainability contribution is a 4.5kW bank of solar panels, which are integrated into the new terracotta roof. This now powers most of the estate, with any surplus fed into the public grid. It has been calculated that the installation will pay for itself in five years through cost savings demonstrating that heritage buildings can incorporate sustainability measures without compromising the aesthetics.

Key initiatives:

  • New insulation installed to previously uninsulated roof to achieve R3.8
  • 4.5kW bank of solar panels integrated into new terracotta tile roof on internal north facing slopes
  • Reactivation of the stormwater collection network through partial reuse of original and installation of new parallel system for reuse in the extensive gardens

Photography by Daniel Colombo