Pierce Widera’s ‘Peaches’, a cocktail bar located in Melbourne's CBD, is an eclectic mixture of ingredients culminating in an “alternative peach universe”, much like how all great cocktails should be.

Upon entering, suspended, spherical pendants hang from the ceiling and walls, which are all unanimously a pale, pastel peach. 

The semi-private booths upholstered in textured, blush fabric are underlined with LED lighting to create a separated zone within the space.

Oversized greenery, bespoke candy-coloured terrazzo tabletops, a green bar top with stools to match, all contribute to a uniform pink and green level – one of three.

The three levelled project by the client – level one being a restaurant, two being Peaches and its third, being Peaches’ rooftop, have its owners in common, and not much else.

Cheek, an American-style barbecue restaurant by Sam and Tom Peasnell, Adam Goldblatt and Jono Rowat, is whitewashed and moody with its polished concreate, as opposed to Peaches, “a pretty cocktail bar”, says Sam. 

“We wanted to move away from dark dive and brooding leather-couched prohibition-style cocktail bars.”

Peaches’ interior is sharp and subsequently confrontational for a cocktail bar. It’s void of dark interiors to camouflage your stained black dress for your mid-week date.

Peaches’ rooftop is a ‘spritzes’-type rooftop; with outdoor lounges and water misters, there is no mistaking the city this bar serves. 

“While there are windows onto Swanston Street, it feels like you couldn’t further away from the busy commercial city, alluding a fun and glamorous Miami atmosphere.”