The Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre (ONJCWC) is an eight-level state of the art facility adjoining the Austin Hospital which integrates comprehensive cancer treatments with research and an overall focus on wellness.

Wellness has literally been built into ONJCWC, and the Centre delivers cutting-edge clinical care in a tranquil environment that reduces stress on patients, visitors and staff.

The building was designed to maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impacts. Building systems were selected to maximise comfort levels, such as the choice of passive chilled beams over air conditioning.

Natural light has been harnessed and natural finishes, colours and textures used, to create a sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

ONJCWC is the first rated healthcare facility and the largest Green Star certified facility to date. The building has a 4 Star Green Star – Healthcare V1.

Key initiatives:

  • The sustainable design focus was holistic but very much focused on the wellness outcomes, from the services design, building form and fabric, to interior design and nurse call systems
  • Fa├žade optimised to balance daylight, visual comfort, thermal comfort and energy performance
  • Connection to outdoors, and ability to open windows and experience natural ventilation where appropriate
  • The building has no recirculation of air anywhere, but has 100% outside air with heat recovery
  • Material selection to improve indoor air quality
  • Interior design and natural finishes to support a non-clinical vibe
  • Wellness facility and innovative appointment management system that empowers patients and provides flexibility to spend time between appointments not waiting in small waiting rooms
  • The energy efficient design includes innovative application of chilled beam technology for cooling in the wards and treatment areas
  • Water conservation has been realized through efficient fixture selection and rainwater collection and reuse.
  • A waste management plan was implemented and achieved a high level of recycling in the construction waste streams. Other materials were selected for their recycled content or ability to be further recycled

Photography by Martin Saunders, Tony Miller and Diana Snape