399 Little Lonsdale melbourne

From the architect:

The building’s conception arose from the challenge to design a tower that housed two hotels within the same space. Although distinct in branding and style, there is commonality in the certain ephemerality of one’s stay at a hotel – harbouring individuals from all over the world, unique in experiences, opinions and stories, for only a fleeting moment in time. Each member has different reason for being there, and this culminates in a vibrant and refreshing environment, unparalleled to any other space.

Consequently, notions of texture and fabric were realised when imagining this intermingling and weaving of people and their unique stories. These images materialise in the glass panels that compose the building’s fa├žade, with their varying degrees of transparency reflecting that of different, intertwined fabric.

399 Little Lonsdale melbourne

The notion of creating something new often involves a purge of sorts – ridding the area of anything old; cleaning up and creating a space that is modern and ‘clean’. However, this building was designed to create an environment that tended to everyone; one that accommodated for Melbourne’s growing businesses yet still complemented the pre-existing culture and lifestyle.

As the site is located next to the hustle and bustle of Hardware Lane – notorious for its street art – it was imperative that this niche that is so intrinsically Melbourne was preserved. Consequently, some of the land on which the building stands was used to create a new laneway that connects to Hardware Lane. In this way, not only is there additional attraction to the artwork, but now more room for new art to be created.

The multi-faceted nature of this building speaks to its ability to complement the many walks of life that pass through Melbourne, and in this way, it is inherently Melbourne.