An innovative construction company has developed Australia’s widest self-supporting curved roofing panel.

Architects have begun successfully applying the technology to large commercial projects such as sports centres and multi-purpose halls, indoor swimming pools and large shade structures. It is also used for projects as diverse as airport terminals and grain silos.

All benefit from the expansive open space created when trusses and internal columns are eliminated from the design.

The panels are roll-formed on site from pre-painted Colorbond coil steel. The patented self-locking edge allows panels to clip together with a strong waterproof seal - no screws or bolts. It is fast, simple and cost effective.

The profile is initially rolled as a continuous straight panel. It is then curved to the required radius.  Straight panels are ideal for skillion roofs and walls. Once curved, the panels are used to create a distinctive self-supporting curved roof.

There are two profile sizes available: one spans 30 metres, the larger spans 40 metres.

Acoustic and thermally insulated ceilings, plus a wide range of services can be supported directly from the roof.  Larger loads require light-weight structural members.

The company offers design assistance to help Architects maximise the benefits of their exciting system.