Blum's extensive hinge programme offers you the right solution for every door. Blum hinges especially impress with BLUMOTION soft-close; their silent and effortless closing action, now integrated in the CLIP top BLUMOTION range. 

Our range of concealed hinges allow heavy doors to move with ease and may be attached to glass, aluminum frame doors and many other surface materials. 

Blum hinges stand for utmost adjustment and assembly ease, reliable function and attractive design 

Available for different door heights, thicknesses and materials 

  • 3 dimensional hinge setting for a uniform and precise gap design 
  • BLUMOTION ensures silent and effortless closing regardless of the door weight and closing speed. 
  • Adjustment and fixing screws are concealed with cover caps.

There is a hinge to suit every application

  •  In the rare circumstance that an integrated BLUMOTION hinge is not available, simply combine CLIP top with add on BLUMOTION for doors. 
  • For handle-less design combine CLIP top with TIP-ON mechanical opening support. (Not compatible with BLUMOTION)
  • Programme includes special application hinge solutions such as cross corner and blind corner. 

Dedicated to sustainability and quality design Blum hinge systems are certified to ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO9001 quality and environmental standards.