It’s called USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard. And according to Bill Hogan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at USG Boral, “Once our customers experience and see how our plasterboard improves productivity, they’ll never look at it the same way again.”

Those are mighty strong words. But with 113 years of science-based experience and a job-site proven record, it's a claim they're ready to stand behind.

USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard is 15% lighter than USG Boral standard 10mm and 13mm plasterboard, is easier to carry, install and simply performs better – reducing callbacks and warranty costs.

“Not all boards are created equal. At USG Boral, we’ve re-engineered the fundamental way plasterboard is designed, formulated and manufactured. We've redefined the category. Forever changing the way people build.”

To learn more about USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard and everything USG Boral has to offer, visit USGBoral.com