RITEK has partnered with a leading supplier of pre-painted rolled aluminium with a high performance protective PvdF surface coating system designed to deliver superior results for roofing and walling applications suitable for extreme corrosive environments; especially those that are for aquatic centres, in close proximity to severe marine coastal locations; or harsh industrial environments.

The Ritek Aquatek panel combines aesthetic, innovative design with high strength, durability and excellent thermal insulation.

• Suitable for aquatic, marine, industrial or harsh environments.

• Superior spans & cantilever capabilities.

• High thermal rating up to R6.5 for heating, cooling and internal environment control.

Ritek Aquatek roof panels can be manufactured in straight, curved and multi-curved profiles to suit your project requirements.

A variety of colours and good formability allow the panels to complement building elements such as concrete, wood, stone, glass or other architectural designed features.

The special coating system provides superior resistance to UV light, salt water and corrosion caused by condensation in aquatic applications.

Ritek offers a warranty period of up to 25 years, giving you the ultimate peace of mind and minimising your project risk.