CREATE unique spaces with the Etcetera range of high quality, innovative and hard wearing public space furniture and accessories.

From bike racks and bins to benches and bollards, every Etcetera product is durable, functional and brilliantly designed. You'll find the right accessories ready to help brand any indoor or outdoor space with style.

Etcetera is a division of Wastech Engineering and is backed by our extensive national distribution network and proven ability to deliver on both large and small scale projects. We are specialists in providing smooth, one-stop solutions for the building industry.

In addition to our catalogue of ready-made products, Etcetera can customise any design to suit your requirements. Talk to us about how Etcetera can create the perfect solution to suit your space.


Bicycle racks

The Etcetera range of floor and wall mounted bike parking solutions has been created using classic design and clever engineering. Improved installation alternatives and the ability to replace racks without the need for relocation or expensive repairs to damaged concrete make our racks a smart investment.

By using standard manufacturing processes and existing tooling, we can also create stylish custom racks that match your application, design and budget.


Bins and bin enclosures

Etcetera stainless steel bins provide an opportunity to manage your waste requirements with beautiful, functional and durable bin designs. Our bins are suitable for indoors, outdoors, public spaces, hotels, office buildings, commercial and retail spaces.

As well as bins, Etcetera provides an inspiring range of bin enclosures manufactured from renewable materials and suitable for coastal environments. Etcetera bin enclosures have been designed to blend in with the natural landscape.


Recycling bins and ashbins

The Etcetera range of stainless steel recycling bins features vibrant designs, while our wall and floor mounted ashbins have been designed to be unobtrusive. All of our bins are simple to install and offer a lifetime of dependability.


Bench seating

Etcetera's modern indoor and outdoor bench seating features comfortable, durable and aesthetically beautiful furniture for your space. Our benches are available in a wide range of colours or classic timber and in a size to suit your needs.



Etcetera bollards are available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel with a minimum wall thickness of 3mm and a choice of polished or brushed finishes. Options include directional bollards, acid etching of your corporate logo and reflective banding.