TRADITIONALLY it's been the surveyor or construction engineer who's had a hold on scanning and mapping space. Not anymore. Now, anyone can do it easily, with the new Leica 3D Disto.

This ground-breaking innovation from Leica Geosytems enables the precise control of space for anyone involved in fitout, interior design, climate control, roofing... you name it. Forget hand drawings, scribbled notes, tape measures and spirit levels.

The Leica 3D Disto maps a room at the point-distances you select. It maps the space, including odd angles and uneven shapes, windows, doorways, arches, staircases and so on. Measure the job with precision of 1mm at 10m, map it, record it, and project it. All from the one position. The integrated camera graphically captures each point.

It's easy to operate and can shave many hours off every job.

Get control of inner space with 3D Disto from Leica Geosystems.

· Measure projects and capture points in 3D

· Scan profiles of curved surfaces

· Triangulate through 3 - 5 target points to x the location

· Move to new location and continue drawing uninterrupted

· Point by point projection of your design or grid on any surface

· Ready to use formats (dxf, csv, txt) for post processing on PC

It also has wireless control for ease of use, integrated image capture capability for quick reference and a secure relocation function which increases range and versatility.