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URBAN Series stainless steel sliding door channel and grate solves all of the issues with regard to threshold drainage for both domestic and commercial construction.

No longer is it an issue to have both inside and outside at the same finished level, creating the sensation of enhanced space and eliminating trip hazard.

By using URBAN Series sliding door track the bottom rail of any make of sliding door system can be totally encapsulated by the stainless steel trough ensuring there is no seepage of water under or around the sill for the length of the door, as all moisture runs into the stainless steel trough and any additional run off can enter through the grate. This system accommodates from a single sliding door up to any number of multisacking door systems.

Design and finish are paramount and the grate can be a stainless steel heelguard Linear, or discrete tile inset. The channel can be fitted with tile flanges for extra waterproofing options, as well as additional spiggot outlets depending on the amount of liquid which needs to be drained.

For the ultimate in peace of mind and flexibility, use the URBAN Series Door Track Drain.