One of the many shutters in Blockout’s Roller Shutter range, is the Maxiwiew® and its versatility.

Blockout’s built in Maxiview® Shutter adds an architectural building feature, provides privacy, insulation and security while keeping your internal views.

The standard Maxiview® shutter is manufactured from a single wall extruded aluminium interlocking profile, and achieves uninterrupted views through a large number of small perforations in the shutter profile (over 54,000 perforations per square metre).

Blockout’s the Maxiwiew® Roller Shutter is uniquely designed to also maintain natural light, protect windows from glare, reduce heat gain in summer and prevent heat loss in winter. The shutters can be installed on roofs, doors, sloping, shaped and angled glass.

The Blockout range includes a stronger Maxiview version, the Maxiblock Maxiview® Shutter providing maximum strength for additional security requirements while still maintaining views.