Did you know ... 93 per cent of a building’s heat gain is caused by the sun’s LIGHT energy — not high air temperature?

It makes sense to employ a first line of defence that combats the sun’s rays before they are absorbed and converted to heat. Dulux® InfraCOOL® HEAT REFLECTIVE COATINGS optimise the Total Solar Reflection of a treated surface providing the opportunity to create more sustainable buildings.

In Australia, most commercial buildings have Zinc coated (Galv or Zincalume) roofing which act as poor reflectors of solar energy.

Because roofs make up such a significant area of the built environment, COOL ROOFS provide enormous opportunity to reduce our reliance on energy intensive cooling.

By reflecting more of the sun’s energy, COOL ROOFS can be 20-40°C cooler — translating into cooler occupancy zones, lowering cooling energy demand and thus delivering cost and energy emission savings.

Dulux® has just released its new Cool Roof Commercial system — a simple and effective solution for existing Galvanised, Zincalume or factory pre-coated metal roofed buildings.

Supported by a registered Dulux® Cool Roof installer program, Dulux® Cool Roof can improve the energy efficiency and comfort level of existing buildings.