SCREENWOOD Ceiling Panels are a modulated acoustic ceiling system for commercial and residential applications and are suitable for both internal and external use. Predominately made from pre-finished Western Red Cedar, our ceiling panels provide a distinctive architectural finish for ceilings with the benefit of easy installation.

Screenwood Ceiling Panels are manufactured using an innovative design that incorporates timber slats factory-fitted to a bracket system. Screenwood Ceiling Panels are manufactured in panel form, allowing for ease of installation. The bracket used to secure the timber battens is also used to fix the panels to the building substrate.

Screenwood Ceiling Panels are pre-finished prior to delivery to enhance and protect the beauty of the timber and are manufactured in a wide variety of profiles and finishes for both internal and external use.

Screenwood Ceiling Panels can be used in any number of applications, from commercial to residential, as an acoustic ceiling finish. Its acoustic qualities make it ideal for retail, corporate, restaurants, hotels, clubs, theatres, education and breakout rooms.

Screenwood Ceiling Panels are predominately manufactured from Western Red Cedar. Cedar’s richly textured grain, warm colouring and satin lustre make it aesthetically superior, complimenting any architectural design. Western Red Cedar is one of the lightest softwoods with a low shrinking, warping and twisting rate. Timber is a naturally durable substance and Western Red Cedar’s stability makes it perfect for use in the Screenwood Ceiling Panel.