VIZAGE™ Glass Gate Hinges by D&D Technologies represent a new era in architectural-style gate hinges.

No longer do specifiers/fabricators need to adapt conventional hinges to meet the needs of today’s round-posted fences and gates.

Australian-made Vizage Hinges come from the designers of the renowned MagnaLatch® Safety Gate Latch. The hinge bodies are made of super-tough engineering polymers, while the hinge leaf covers and end-caps are finished with zirconium metal surfacing. Such technology guards against rust, binding, sagging, staining, bending and chipping!

The hinges have been tested to two million cycles. Each pair is supplied in one convenient kit to mount directly to gates.

The only requirements for using Vizage™ hinges are glass panels of either 8 mm or 10 mm thickness and common round fence posts of 50 mm diameter.