You may already be familiar with the benefits of designing and building with AFS LOGICWALL, such as speed of construction, efficient handling, performance compliant and a quality finish.

Now meet the AFS 262 (262mm thickness), a superior alternative to conventionally formed walls.

The product has the benefits of:

• speed of construction

• shop-drawn modular system

• superior structural capacity

• complies with BCA fire and acoustic performance requirements

• optimum efficiency in materials handling, not crane dependent

• durable, quality wall finish

The AFS 262’s two reinforcement layers and large stud opening allows the engineer to extend the use of AFS LOGICWALL to heavily loaded structural elements while utilising the advantages of the product such as speed and the reduction of formed surfaces.

The AFS 262 LOGICWALL is an excellent solution for:

• lift and stair cores

• sheer walls

• boundary walls

• blade walls

• transfer walls

• core walls

• retaining walls

• columns