THE FUTURE of glass fencing is clear with the SPIGGOT — the Frameless Glass Fencing System made from revolutionary 2205 Duplex Grade Stainless Steel that is now available from Hafele.

2205 Duplex Grade stainless steel offers real advantages over 316, especially in harsh coastal climates and around swimming pools as it virtually eliminates ‘tea staining’, which means the stainless steel surface will retain its visual appearance for a much longer time.

SPIGGOTS can be installed in a wide range of sites and situations with fixings to suit all types of materials, including concrete, timber and steel. Their versatility allows them to be used for pool fencing, balustrades, in gardens, up and down stairs and on sloping sites.

The clamps are available in square and round designs and in either satin or mirrored finishes.

SPIGGOTS provide a visual appearance like no other glass fencing system and allows architects to rethink the design of fences and balustrades.