SO you want timber panels, but you don't want to risk the whole place going up like a tinderbox? Fear no more: the Supawood range of decorative and acoustic wall and ceiling panels are now available in a fire-retardant version: Supawood FR.

Despite more stringent BCA fire-hazard regulations, Supawood FR panels still meet all requirements for any Group number (1, 2 or 3) and for any area, within any class of building where conventional panelling could not previously be used. In meeting Group 1 requirements, Supawood FR panels can even be used in critical fire-isolated exits and public corridors.

As super as the name suggests! Add some creativity to a foyer or bring a dull room to life, safe in the knowledge that it's fire resistant as well. Supawood FR is available and compliant in all product types — Supaline, Supacoustic and Supaslat — and all standard finishes: natural timber veneer, concept veneers, paint colours and flame retardant fabrics. Supawood FR puts safety first while still retaining a decorative finish: peace of mind you can see.

From start to finish, specification to installation, Supawood are involved in all aspects of your project.