The Ritek Custom Roof Panel features in many award winning designs nationally in residential, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings.

The eco-sustainable roof can play a role in both new building design and rebuilding of existing structures and can help you maximise your Green StarTM ratings.

• Unsupported spans up to 9.2 m

• High thermal values (up to R5.00)

• BCA Section J ready

• Cantilever capability - up to half the back span (up to 4m)

• Fully customisable, available in straight, curved and multi-curved

• COLORBOND® prefinished ceiling - full range COLORBOND® colours

Ritek’s insulated sandwich roof panel combines the strength of COLORBOND® (top and bottom sheets) and profiled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core.

This strength reduces the need for supports such as beams, posts and trusses and allows unobstructed views.

By maintaining temperatures for a higher thermal level of comfort, you can reduce the need for air conditioning.