When it comes to designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, kitchen cabinet handles are rarely the top concern. However, considering the amount of use they get, the tough treatment they endure, and their aesthetic potential, they should never be an afterthought.

Like that one perfect fashion accessory or daring new haircut that seems to change your outlook, kitchen door handles have more affect on a kitchen’s feel than people give them credit for. Choosing the right ones can make a huge difference.


Options & styles

So, what is hot in kitchen cupboard handles right now? Knobs and pulls in bronze and satin nickel are popular, as is the perennial stainless steel. Apart form that, matt black kitchen cupboard handles, gold kitchen cupboard handles, and Hampton style kitchen cupboard handles are popular from Perth to Sydney, down to Melbourne and everywhere in between. As are white kitchen handles and antique kitchen cabinet handles.

Other options include Tubular Bar Pull kitchen door knobsmodern kitchen handles, Wire Pulls with Accents, and Pulls with Exposed Screws. Also, there are several Ceramic or Glass Knobs on the market.


Cupboards, doors & kitchen door handles – the renovation options

Since we’re talking kitchen door handles, we have to also consider the doors themselves. A key question here is – “If you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen, do you need to replace the whole cupboards or can you get away with just fitting new doors and handles?”

Both are good options. If the cupboards are in sound condition, there’s no reason you shouldn’t just change the doors and hardware. Either completed by a professional carpenter or as a DIY project, new cupboard doors can breathe new life into a kitchen. And the money you save on cupboards, you can spend on your doors and kitchen door handles.


Choosing kitchen cupboard doors

The first question to ask when choosing kitchen cupboard doors is how much can you spend? The second is how central is the kitchen and cooking to your life? Do you cook hot meals every night or are you lucky if you have only breakfast there three times a week?

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles at the moment include the Shaker style, which dates back to the 1800s. This involves doors with a recessed centre panel and no embellishments. Its all about a clean minimalist look.

Also popular is the more ornate Heritage style. Here, kitchen cupboard doors feature bolection (raised mouldings), insertions and so forth.

Then there is the contemporary look involving flat panel doors with a handle or pull. Alternatively, in the case of handleless kitchen cabinets, there may be a shark-nosed bevelled edge or a cut-out finger hole as opening mechanism.

Then, of course, some kitchens follow their own style or borrow from others. Regardless of the cabinet doors there are kitchen cabinet handles to suit it.

DIY projects

While some choose to hire carpenters or handymen to replace their kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet handles, others choose to do it themselves. The job is well within the scope of most competent DIYers. For those setting out on this path, there are some points worth noting.

Purchasing a handle jig (for $10 or so at Bunnings or any hardware store) will make life a whole lot easier.  Featuring dozens of spacing holes to suit all sorts of kitchen cabinet handles, this piece of hardware will help ensure you get it right the first time. They ensure the drill bit doesn’t move from the mark, regardless of the material involved.

Another tip, this one to stop you accidently using the wrong hole, is to cover the ones you don’t need with making tape.


How much do kitchen door handles cost?

As the selection below illustrates, kitchen cupboard handles are generally inexpensive. They range in price from about $3.00 to $20.00.


Cabinet handles Australia – some of the best on the market

There is a wide variety of kitchen cabinet handles online and available to purchase. Here is a sample of some of the best.

1) Taskmaster 128mm Matte Black 1/2 Round Handle

These black kitchen handles are the ideal solution for modernising kitchens. Each product comes with the appropriate screws, allowing for a convenient and easy DIY upgrade. This range is suitable for a new kitchens or retrofitting existing cupboards.

Price: $4.48

Where to buy: Bunnings

Purchase here

Black Kitchen Handle


2) 15x Brushed Brass Drawer Pulls Kitchen Cabinet Handles

This set of gold kitchen handles measure 256mm.

Price: $56.15

Where to buy: mydeal.com.au

Purchase here

Gold Cabinet Handle


3) Hampton style kitchen handles

These matt black kitchen handles are made from Zinc alloy. They feature 22mm screws.

Price: $5.95 – $6.95

Where to buy: igrab.com.au

Purchase here

Hampton Kitchen Handle


4) Billsbro White kitchen handles

These white kitchen handles will improve the look of doors and drawers and coordinate with the rest of your home.

Price: $15/ 2 pack

Where to buy: Ikea

Purchase here

White Kitchen Handle


5) Tradco 9720AB+ Pull Handle Antique Brass

These antique kitchen cabinet handles are available in heights of 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm, and projections of 26mm and 28mm. Made from antique brass and screws are Included.

Price: $7.65

Where to buy: Keeler Hardware

Purchase here


6) Half Moon Resin Terrazzo Knob

These modern kitchen handles, feature a Half Moon design are available in these colours: Green, Grey, Brown, and Terrazzo.

Price: $9.50

Where to buy: www.doup.com.au

Purchase here


7) Blue, White, Swirled Agate Sliced Knob

These modern kitchen handles are available in these colours: Blue, Taupe, White, Agate Stone, and gold.

Price: $13.20

Where to buy:  www.doup.com.au

Purchase here

Blue Kitchen Handle


8) Nicola Spring Vintage Floral Ceramic Door knob - Navy

Bring some vintage chic and floral styling to your cupboard doors and drawers with this Dark Blue Floral Ceramic Door knob from Nicola Spring.


Where to buy: Rinkit

Purchase here

Flower Kitchen Handle


9) Gold Art Deco Fan Knob

Solid iron, Gold, Half Moon, Art Deco, Curved Lines

Price: $9.35

Where to buy: www.doup.com.au

Purchase here

Aztec Kitchen Handle


10) Castella Supple Pull

Price: $13.60

Where to buy: Style Finish Doorware

Purchase here

Wooden Kitchen Handle